Every sculpture we fabricate is crafted with technical
excellence and exceptional attention to detail.






Simply put, we love what we do.


We have a deep seated passion for building.

From precision cutting and structural welding to exceptional finishing;
Everything we do is crafted to the highest standards since 1997

Each of our projects demonstrate a mastery over material and a dedication to a perfect final product, every time.

Navigating the boundary between art and craftsmanship in all that we do.


Our process for painting aluminum has it’s origins in the Aerospace Industry. If we are building sculpture for the ages, why settle for anything less?


We carefully hand sand all sculpture to the highest level possible in order to obtain ‘better than automotive’ results.


Our ability to work to Mil-Specs from prints is utilized by commercial enterprise, naval engineers, and other clients who require exacting standards of fabrication.

We excel at working with many materials.

The more difficult the material the better we do.


Composites | Metal | Plastic | Fiberglass | Resin

We are one of the best aluminum fabricators in the country, hands down.

Come visit our shop and see why.

Artisans and Craftsmen

Drawing upon the boat building tradition of Narragansett Bay,
ACF fuses old-world craftsmanship with modern fabrication techniques
to deliver exceptional performance and value. Our artisans and craftsmen skillfully
realize your vision from drawings, models, maquettes or a simple sketch.