Sculpture FabricationDiscovering Groundbreaking Fabrication Methods

August 26, 2015

Back in 2006, Jeff Koons at Koons Studio was working for years, researching, experimenting and testing different methods of how to create a luxuriously painted, proof coil chain that can support cast aluminum work. After many failed attempts, Koons consulted Amaral for help with his issue. Paul Amaral and his crew of gifted fabricators suggested a simpler method of staging the chain for paint application. This technique has been unreplicable by other fabricators, making us the only fabricator to combine top-of-the-line quality with 100% paint coverage of the chain. Unfortunately, further details about this method remain undisclosed to the public to protect the secrets of our company. We have implemented this method on thousands of feet of chain since our groundbreaking discovery. Our ability to constantly find new ways to improve our business is what makes us one of the highest regarded fabrication companies in the country.

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