Sculpture Fabrication


koons chainAmaral Custom Fabrications is a family owned and operated sculpture fabrication company, with a rich, 20-year history. We are versatile sculpture fabricators who are able to apply our technical know-how to large-scale art sculpture fabrication, marine and architectural trades, sculpture restorations, and more.

We’ve helped some of the greatest and most widely recognized artists and sculptors of our time bring their sculptures to life. We also enjoy creating relationships with new artists who are ready to bring their sculptures to fruition. At Amaral Custom Fabrications, we pride ourselves on our ability and dedication to producing sculptures and installations that will last well beyond our lifetime. Artists across the United States and around the world trust us to fabricate their sculptures. We help artists from the top art communities in the world bring their concepts to the physical form. We can help you bring your vision to reality from our Providence, Rhode Island sculpture fabrication location.

We fabricate all of our sculpture with marine and aerospace grade materials and fabrication techniques. Sculptures built 20 years ago are still in near pristine condition. All Artists hope their concepts stand the test of time, we do our very best to make sure their sculptures do too. Contact us to get started on your next sculpture fabrication project today. Call us at +1(401) 396-5663 or visit our contact page to email us today.