About Amaral Custom Fabrications

Building your ideas into physical form. That’s what we’re here for!

Amaral Custom Fabrications is a family owned and operated company with a rich, 20-year history. We are versatile fabricators who are able to apply our technical know-how to many industries, including large-scale art fabrication, marine and architectural trades, and sculpture restorations, among many, many others.    
Amaral has worked with some of the greatest and most widely recognized artists and sculptors of our time including Keith Haring,  Claes Oldenburg, and Roy Lichtenstein. We have also enjoyed creating new relationships with new artists, such as Jose Parla, Hank Willis Thomas, and Cristina Lei Rodriguez.  They all agree that Amaral Custom Fabrications is unsurpassed in their ability and dedication to producing incredible sculptures and installations.
We create our sculptures with marine and aerospace grade materials and fabrication techniques. Sculptures built 20 years ago are still in near pristine condition.  All Artists hope their concepts stand the test of time, we do our very best to make sure their sculptures do too.