Oceanographic Hydrodynamic Fabrication

Oceanographic groups, robotics companies, and the U.S. Navy trust our team at Amaral Custom Fabrication to create custom oceanographic hydrodynamic, marine-grade components to fit their unique applications.

Custom Oceanographic Hydrodynamic Fabrication

Devices that house expensive equipment and priceless data are housed by our custom fabricated components and are designed to glide through liquid as well as withstand the abuse of salt water and high pressure found deep under the water’s surface.

From the US Navy to Robotics Companies, when you need the best hydrodynamic fabrication, turn to our team.

We work with clients to create ping detectors, sonar equipment, and countless other projects. We receive return business for their custom oceanographic hydrodynamic fabrication because of our timely and transparent creation process as well as the unmatched performance and durability of our materials.

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Amaral Custom Fabrications is a family owned and operated company with a rich, 20-year history. We are versatile fabricators who are able to apply our technical know-how to many industries, including large-scale sculpture and art fabrication, marine and architectural trades, and sculpture restorations, among many, many others.