Sculpture Restoration

restorationWe work with museums, conservators, municipalities, galleries, artists and private collectors to help restore sculptures to like-new quality. Our team of sculpture restoration professionals is able to expertly restore your sculpture to the artist’s intended specifications. We’re able to restore vandalized sculptures, color fading and corrosion from sun and weather exposure, and damage from natural events or accidental damage. We can identify and correct sources of galvanic corrosion. We can also perform restoration for large scale, outdoor sculptures that have been exposed to high traffic, temperature variation, and bio-deterioration. We can do everything from an infill of a scratch, to a full on coatings replacement.

If you’re looking to partner with a team who you can trust to handle your sculpture restoration projects, onsite or offsite, then look no further. Our expert staff is ready to help you. Contact us today at +1(401) 396-5663 or use our contact page to email us today.