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Los Angeles is recognized as a world-wide artistic hub. At Amaral Custom Fabrication we take pride in serving the evolving needs of LA artists – by helping you bring your concepts into permanence with industry leading materials and techniques. Veteran and emerging artists choose us for our transparent communication, commitment to customer service, and unrivalled results. In fact, artists’ sculptures our team fabricated over twenty years ago have remained in pristine condition and are expected to for lifetimes to come.
Brushstrokes in Flight – Roy Lichtenstein (fabricated by Amaral Custom Fabrications)


Every artist longs to make a lasting impact on their surroundings. LA artists turn to our professional team to do just that. Our unrivaled strength in materials and quality in construction will make your sculpture virtually weather proof. Based out of Providence, Rhode Island, our team knows the full spectrum of extreme weather. Our aerospace and marine grade materials are designed to outlast the damage dealt by intense summer UV rays, and high winds.

Internationally Recognized and Trusted for Our Skill

From Los Angeles to Tokyo our skilled sculpture fabricators have helped artists ensure that their vision remains a part of the community for generations to come.
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Amaral Custom Fabrications is a family owned and operated company with a rich, 20-year history. We are versatile fabricators who are able to apply our technical know-how to many industries, including large-scale sculpture and art fabrication, marine and architectural trades, and sculpture restorations, among many, many others.