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Seoul, South Korea’s tradition of creating unique art spans over thousands of years and continues today. At Amaral Custom Fabrications we only use aerospace and marine grade materials to ensure your sculpture will remain part of Seoul’s legendary culture for generations to come. Our expert sculpture fabrication team works with artists in Seoul, South Korea and throughout the globe to bring your visions into permanence with industry leading techniques and materials, attention to detail, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. We work with up-and-coming artist as well as figure-heads in the art community to bring your sculpture to life with precision and long-lasting durability.
Sculpture by Katharina Grosse (fabricated by Amaral Custom Fabrications)


At Amaral Custom Fabrications, we have a passion for building. Building your ideas into physical form. That’s what we’re here for! From precision cutting and structural welding to exceptional finishing; everything we do is crafted to the highest standards since 1997. Each of our projects demonstrate a mastery over material and a dedication to a perfect final product, every time. Navigating the boundary between art and craftsmanship in all that we do.

Internationally Recognized and Trusted for Our Skill

As an artist, you want your concepts to live on long after your gone. The first installations we created over twenty years ago still stand proudly in original condition with no fading or chipping. Our projects are designed to withstand Seoul’s monsoon climate, our own United States winters, Parisian Summers, and any other climate imaginable.
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Amaral Custom Fabrications is a family owned and operated company with a rich, 20-year history. We are versatile fabricators who are able to apply our technical know-how to many industries, including large-scale sculpture and art fabrication, marine and architectural trades, and sculpture restorations, among many, many others.