Auto Fabricator Extrordinaire

Auto Fabricator Extrordinaire

Look no further than Amaral Custom Fabrications for the best quality car restorations.

Now that the salt is gone from the roads and mountains of snow are no longer the normal everyday scene across New England, more and more classic cars are hitting the road to show off their colors and display their antiquity. Here at Amaral Custom Fabrications, we are available for your vehicle renovation projects. For 17 years, we have treated each task we work on as our own, whether it is restoration, marine fabrication or sculpture conservation. With a background in marine fabrication, we use these skills, alongside with cutting edge technology and high quality materials in all aspects of our business to ensure the quality of our work reaches your expectations. With this guarantee of our high quality services, you feel good about your choice when you sit behind the wheel of your refurbished car to join the ever increasing population of classic cars on the road.

Amaral Custom Fabrications also takes great pride in its painting ability; they could give your car a new custom paint coat, or rediscover the missing gleam of the early 1900s. We take pride in our craft; we are artists that appreciate the finished product as much as you do. Much of the metals used are tough and corrosion resistant so that they will seem new for decades to come.

A great example of work that we have conducted is restoring a 1948 Ford F1 pickup truck:

Amaral Custom Fabrications {Ford F1 Assembly} from Ely Beckman on Vimeo.