Sculpture FabricationDesign the Sculpture that’s Right for You

June 23, 2015

Design the Sculpture that’s Right for You

Sculptures have been around for centuries with many different uses. The romans used them to show wealth and stature, while the Native Americans used totem poles to display their family’s history. Amaral Custom Fabrications can help you convey that aura to your business. Imagine your emblem displayed at the front entrance, drawing the eyes of all who pass by; or a fancy figure in the courtyard, bringing the beauty of the outdoors to life. ACF will create, enlarge, or even help you determine the perfect position for your art. Materials such as fiberglass, corrosion resistant metals, and epoxy/ carbon hybrids are all offered so that the work we do is assured to be of the highest quality. For more information don’t hesitate to contact us.

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