Sculpture FabricationButterfly by Cristina Lei Rodriquez

July 27, 2017


This has been a fun, yet challenging project.

The challenging part is the fact the sculpture will be exposed to high wind conditions of Florida and has significant wind loading surfaces in way of the wings.  We also noticed an oscillation within the entire body which maintained itself for an extreme period of time after the piece was jiggled by hand.  After considerable consultation with the artist, it was decided that large hoops connecting the upper wing area would counteract and dampen the motion quickly.  Once the base plates are attached to their footings, the whole geometry of the piece will become very stable, as it replicates a closed cylinder similar to a large, municipal water tank.

The fun part has been working with Cristina again!  Did I mention Cristina will be addressing Bristol, RI’s “Arts in Common” this September?  More to come on that!

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